Puscifer // The Humbling River

Angel, angel, what have I done?
I’ve faced the quakes, the wind, the fire.
I’ve conquered country, crown, and throne.
Why can’t I cross this river?


Breathe (reprise) 

Home, home again. 
I like to be here when I can. 
When I come home cold and tired 
It’s good to warm my bones beside the fire. 
Far away across the field 
The tolling of the iron bell 
Calls the faithful to their knees 
To hear the softly spoken magic spells.

Dreaming in New York © Kate Maldonado

A collection of film photographs I took in New York City. I used a combination of 35mm redscale film in a Pentax ME Super and 120 Fuji film in my Holga.

The day felt surreal like walking through a dream. Which is fitting because just by chance, I stumbled upon Annie Leibovitz shooting a portrait in front of The Met. 

This city is pure magic.

(via katemaldonado)

Primitive superstition lies just below the surface of even the most tough-minded individuals, and it is precisely those who most fight against it who are the first to succumb to its suggestive effects.

Carl Jung (via lovetheghost)